Positive and negative aspects of mobile phone

Mobile phone is invention of modern technology.Now a days,almost every person has it’s smart phone .It has become necessary to such level that no body is able to survive without it .But there are always two sides of a picture.In the same way ,mobile phone has advantages and disadvantages.It has made the communication much easier than previous times.We can communicate with people’s who are sitting thousands of kilometers away from us with ease .It keeps providing us everyday happenings across the world .It has made the world a global village .Through it , education and learning has become so easy .Many institutions are offering online education.Through online education,peoples away from cities or educational institutions are able to continue their studies.In case of any emergency ,it is always there to help you like location sharing or informing someone about any incident without any delay .Despite advantages,it has dark side also.It has lead to social isolation.Peoples have become addicted to it .They prefer mobile meetings over physical meetings .Crime activity has become easy due to this .Social media platforms are full of bogus propagandas.Peace from life is gone .Many people’s waste their valuable time on it by playing games or watching movies or other such time wasting activities .They are sharing their personal content on social media like Facebook ,Whatsapp , Instagram, Twitter etc just to get fame by using inappropriate content.
Its overuse also causing many health problems.Eye strain and headache ,anxiety and depression are most common now a days .

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Science is extremely important in our daily lives.From cooking to working on a laptop , everything we do is because of the invention of science and we can’t imagine our lives without it .It has become a necessity .It has improved our lives and shaped the future of humanity.

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