Wonders of Modern Science

Science is a blessing to mankind .It makes our life easy and comfortable.Science and its innovation delivered revolutions in many industries .These innovations have not only helped us in industrialization but also have made our lives easy and relaxed.In agriculture,forming , medicine and almost in every field ,humans have got considerable developments in the understanding of science.

Inventions of Science 

Many scientific inventions have made our life easy .Modern life is impossible without these inventions .Some of the scientific inventions are as follows :

  1. Medical Inventions           

The wonders of technology in clinical field are not less than a miracle .We have got capability of transplanting every part of body via surgical treatment.Inventions of X-ray ,MRI and ECG have brought revolution in medical field .With these inventions,many health issues have been sorted .It helped us to treat deadly diseases like cancer which was uncureable in ancient times.Now cancer can be treated by mechanism of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.It helps in control of pandemics .


Buses,aeroplanes ,automobiles and trains have made our journey much easier , comfortable,quicker and less expensive.We can travel thousands of kilometers within hours .It is all due to scientific inventions.


With the introduction of lengthy distance smart phone calls through S.T.D and that I.S.D,we can talk to our loved ones who are away from us .A mobile telephone is excellent carrier for guys.Now we can communicate within seconds and convey important informations.


Electricity is the greatest invention of science.Today , everything works with the help of electricity.Without electricity ,the whole world will be dark .It has become  important for living like water is important for life . Todays world ,there is nothing that can work without electricity.It is one of the greatest scientific invention.

         5.Atomic Energy 

With the discovery of atomic energy ,humans have harnessed an inexhaustible power source.It can meet the demand for electricity for a long time .

         6.Mobile phones and Computers 

Computers and phones are the exceptional invention of technology.Computers have helped people in numerous disciplines.Computers can store millions GB data and keep it safe for thousand of years .They can do calculations which are beyond human level within seconds.They have made life much easier .Mobile phones are a way of communication.You can call your loved ones who are millions of kilometers away from you .Moreover ,they are source of saving your pictures and videos .

          7.Entertainment and Education 

Television and smart phones are a source of entertainment and education these days .We can watch movies ,talk show and news on television.We learn through smart phones by using social media platforms like Facebook,whatsapp and google .Now a days ,we can clear our concepts about our questions by using Google and YouTube.

          8.Space Exploration 

Human have gone into space through the help of technology.They have reached Mars and moon and observing the atmosphere there .It is an exceptional achievement and all this is possible due scientific inventions like preparation of rockets which goes into space .

      9.Genetics and Biotechnology 

Through scientific development,we have now studied the basic framework of human body .Now we know that how much complex our body structure is .Through biotechnology,we are preparing different things and increasing their productivity . Through biotechnology,we are fulfilling our demand of food .

       10.Artificial Intelligence 

AI is the exceptional development.It works faster than human brain .It can do multi task at a time .It is one of the  unbelievable achievement of scientific inventions .AI has transformed industries like healthcare, finance and transportation,improving efficiency,productivity and decision -making 


Modern Science has unveiled wonders that have transformed our understanding of the world and improved human existence .Science is a beautiful gift to humanity .We cannot think of our life without technology.

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