Water Scarcity


Water is the basic necessity of every human being ,but water sacraity is a major issue that is rising very rapidly in Pakistan.The problem has become so sever that in many states the groundwater has almost dried up and and people have to depend on water supply from other sources . In addition,water is one of the most misused natural resources that we still waste .It is the central point of our lives but unfortunately ,not our priority concern .

Earlier, people understand the value of water and planned their lives around it .Today ,in spite of having knowledge ,we still fail to understand the value of water in our lives .

Reasons for Water Sacraity 

Mismanagement of water and the growing population in our country are the two main reasons for water sacraity.There are also a number of other man made disturbances that continue to rise .Beside this,some of the reasons for water sacraity are :

       1.Wasteful use of water for agriculture 

Pakistan, an agricultural country, produces a huge quantity of food to feed its population. The surplus that is left,gets exported outside.

It is not unknown that producing this much food requires a lot of water too . The traditional method of irrigation wastes a lot of water due to evaporation,drainage and the overuse of groundwater .Besides , most of the areas in Pakistan use traditional irrigation techniques that stress the availability of water .

       2.Reduction in water Recharges Systems

Rapid construction that uses concrete and marble may not let the rainwater get absorbed in the soil, but still, we install some mechanisms in our houses so that we can hold the rainwater .Then we can recharge the ground water .

       3.Lack of Water Management and Distribution 

There is a need for an efficient system to manage and distribute the water in urban areas. The Pakistan Government also needs to enhance its technology and investment in water treatment. Besides,we should ensure optimization at the planning level .

       Solutions to Overcome this Problem 

       1.Close the Running Tap 

During dishwashing and hand washing people often let the tap run . These running taps waste thousands of litres of water per year .Therefore ,closing the tap will reduce this problem .

       2.Replace Dripping Taps 

In Pakistan,it is commonly seen that most of the houses  have taps that go on dripping water even when they are closed . This running tap wastes up to 30,000 litres of water that nobody bothers to change .So , we should replace these taps immediately.


To conclude , water sacraity has become an alarming issue day by day . If we don’t take the problem of water sacraity seriously now ,our future generations are going to suffer severely and may even have to buy this necessity at a high cost .


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