The Importance of Sports and Games In Life

Sports and Games 

Sports and games are very important in maintaining good health .The main difference between sports and games is that sports are performed outdoor  while games are performed both  indoor and outdoor .They are also important for healthy mind .They increase the immunity of a person .They increase blood flow in body and make it adoptable for exertions.

Benefits of Sports and games in Daily life 

There are various benefits of sports and games .Some of them are :

  1. Physical Fitness                             Sports and games play a major role in keeping a person fit and fine . Furthermore,it increases the blood flow in the body and keeps the Heart  in good position.They  increase immunity in the body and prevents body from vulnerable diseases.They reduce fat from the body and makes the body slim,attractive and good looking .
  2. Increase Mental Health               Games like chess,card games increase the mental health of a person .By playing these games ,the person becomes more active and responsive under difficult conditions.It makes it superior than other persons in critical conditions because he has passed through these kind of conditions and boost up his mind .In crease the IQ level of a person .People with more IQ are considered more intelligent than people with less IQ .
  3. Increase Stamina                              Outdoor games like cricket,football ,hockey etc increase the stamina of a person . Because,these games require a lot of running so there is  automatically   improvement in stamina of a person .When the stamina of a person is increased,his working ability also increase .It is because he is able to work for longer time without being tired .
  4. Build Sense of Teamwork         Some games only depends upon single person participation while others depends upon teamwork .Games like cricket, football and hockey can’t be won by individual’s performance.These require the whole team to participate and play their role in winning the game .It builds the sense of Teamwork that we can become successful by working in a team in practical life also .It makes the person that he should work in a team in order to achieve his goals .
  5. Stress Relieving                             Sports and games are very useful in reducing stress and tension.You feel relax after playing games and your mind also become fresh .
  6. Character Building                      Sports and games also help in character building .These games teach valuable skills like spirit of sportsmanship ,fair play and preservance.
  7. Academic Performance              Regular participation in sports and games leads to increase in academic performance , concentration and attendance because these games reduce stress level of students .
  8. Fun and Enjoyment                      Sports and games are also a source of fun and Enjoyment.People enjoy by playing these games .These provide entertainment,enjoy and pleasure and improve overall quality of life .
  9. Personal Growth                           Games helps in increasing self confidence ,build resilience and adaptability and provide leaders skills .
  10. Economic Benefits                         Sports and games generate revenues ,creates jobs and stimulate local economies through events and tourism .
  11. Career Opportunities                Sports and games provide career paths for professionals,athletes ,coaches ,trainers and administrators .Cricketers , footballers are getting a large amount of money due to their professionalism .


Sports and games are necessary for healthy,happy and well rounded life .They keep us healthy and there is saying about it 

A healthy body has a healthy mind ‘

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