The Future of Democracy

What is Democracy?

The word democracy is derived from the Greek words ‘demo’ which means for people and ‘kratos’ which means for power.Therefore ,democracy is considered as power of people .It is a type of government in which people have ultimate authority through representatives chosen by them .It is not like dictatorship in which only one person rules the country .In Democratic country, all people have equal rights .In Democratic country, government is chosen by majority of people ,it doesn’t meant that the needs of minority should not be met .In good democracy ,there is no concept of majority and minority and everybody have equal rights .This form of governance emerged from Greek era and spread throughout the world by revolutions of freedom .

Types of Democracy 

Due to vastness of democracy,it is divided into various categories .

  1. Direct Democracy                         In a direct democracy,all the eligible citizens are promoted to participate in all political decisions .This method was practised in ancient Athens ,where eligibility criteria include only males ,who have undergone military training.Females and slaves were not included in this type of democracy. This type is only found in Switzerland.
  2. Representative/Indirect Democracy                                     This is the type of democracy,in which people elect their leaders ,who represent the majority section ,to make decisions and laws on their behalf .In more than 60 percent of countries ,this type of democracy is found .UK,USA and India are famous for indirect democracy.
  3. Constitutional Democracy        In this method ,the power of majority is limited by legal and institutional means in a way that respects the rights of minority .It require belief in law .It is found in Germany,Japan and many other countries.
  4. Monitory Democracy                  This type is not common .It requires that people in power should be monitored by the public , private agencies , commissions and mechanisms working towards regulating the power dominance .

History of Democracy 

This type of Governance was first practised by Greek in 5th century B.C and it was established in Athens which was the capital .It was a perfect way of government than other types of governments.

There is a lot of difference in Athenian democracy and today’s democracy.In Athenian time ,only men were included in voting procedure but now a days men and women both have equal right to vote .

Significance Of Democracy 

The most important part of democracy is the people have right to chose who lead them .They select their representatives by their own will .They remove undesired persons through their votes .Every individual is equal before the law irrespective of their economic status .Countries having good democracy have advantage over those countries ,which doesn’t obey democracy .The democratic counties work according to will of their people while other works against the will of their people.

Threats to Democracy 

There are various kinds of threats to Democracy now a days .

  • Disinformation and fake news                                                  The proliferation of social media has created an atmosphere in which false information can spread rapidly ,often with devastating consequences.Fake news also creates uncertainty among the people and institutions .Peoples lose their faith on government due to fake news and unauthentic information.


  • Voter Suppression                       In several countries people are restricted from casting their votes or exert extreme pressure on them to use their right according to authorities will .This practice is increasing significantly.It undermines the legitimacy of democratic process .In addition,increasing reliance on technology in elections has introduced new vulnerabilities ,as cyber attacks and data breaches can compromise the integrity of electoral process .
  • Wealth inequality and influence of money in politics                                             Wealth inequality and influence of money in politics also impose major threat to Democracy.The concentration of wealth to small elite group enable them to use money and make policies of their favour .They get more benefit and the citizens opinions are not considered important.Morover due to culture of corruption politicians and officials prioritize personal gains rather than public interest .


The future of democracy is uncertain ,but it is not without hope .While threats to Democracy are real ,there are also opportunities for growth ,innovation and renewal .

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