Disadvantages of Using Mobile in Children


Excessive screen time can lead to addiction, negatively impacting mental and physical health.Among those who checked it hourly, almost 20 per cent reported just fair or even poor mental health. Cell phone raised many harmful affects on kids like depression, anxiety, loneliness and reductions in sleep quality.


Overreliance on mobile devices can reduce face to face interactions, leading to social isolation and decreased empathy. Constantly switching between apps and notifications can reduce attention span and affects on child brain development.


Access to inappropriate content, such as violence, explicit language, or mature themes can harm children,s emotional and psychological development.


Prolonged screen time can cause eye strain, headaches and contribute to a disturbed lifestyle leading to obesity and other physical health issues.


Excessive mobile use can negatively affect academic performance as kids spend more time on devices than on homework and studying.


Overreliance on mobile devices can decreased the ability of kids in social activity and decrease problem solving skills. Moreover mobile devices can lead to safety risks such as cyberstalking and location sharing.

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